Best Flowers for Every Occasion

There are so many events that you can make use of the flowers such as party events, a call to a celebration, and or perhaps dining with your special someone at a fancy restaurant wherein bringing a bouquet of roses completes the entire romantic evening. But the question remains, do you know what flowers should you pick for every different location? It is quite indeed challenging as you'll need to ensure that such flowers should be provided with so much care. Perhaps, you are wondering the type of flower that you should get? What color is perfect for the entire set up? Indeed, there are a bunch of other selections that you’ll need to consider.


For every occasion, there are two things that you must remember and that is the use of traditional ormodern ways of using different kinds of flowers according to preferences. However, if you do not have any experience when it comes to choosing and arranging your own flowers, the best option for you to do is to have an expert that can help you get the right choices of flowers such as at Flowers Galway.To give you further ideas with regards to choosing the best flowers for every occasion, here are the following tips for you to have an idea.

  1. Anniversary- you know how important this is especially if you are celebrating with your couple and choosing the best flowers that will make a great memory is worth the budget. Start looking for flowers that are either pink or red roses. This is always considered to be the mainstay and at the same time the popular colors brought by customers. Furthermore, these colors symbolize love and passion. Florists would suggest for you to avoid yellow flowers as this represents friendship or disappointment.
  2. Birthday- there are a bunch of flowers that signifies friendship and joy and there are flowers each month that most florists at Flowers Galway would use a reference. That is why you’ll see how flowers are arranged accordingly to the birth month.
  3. Date- going out on a date for the first time? well, this could be your answer as to what kind of flower should you pick up such as tulips, orchids, and dandelions. These flowers are very welcoming and not overwhelming when it comes to the smell.
  4. Funerals- yes there are flowers for funerals too and most of the flowers are a tribute to the deceased. This can vary as to how it is going to be arranged. Examples of these are chrysanthemums, roses, and lilies. Colors would be best if you are using blue, white, and green for peace and comfort.
  5. Get well soon or hospitalized- you may have loved ones who are in the hospital. As long as bringing flowers is indicated to the person’s health because flowers are highly fragrant. You can bring tulips or gladioli flowers as these have lesser smell compared to other flowers.
  6. Holidays- Christmas and New Year's always uses flowers that represent success and good cheer such as amaryllis, red poinsettia, and paperwhites.
  7. Other holidays – this includes Valentine’s, Mother’s Day and other forms of holidays that you are celebrating. You can use flowers like pink and red carnations and also gerbera daisies.