Types Of Floral Design and Arrangement

Nature is considered to be the best use for creativity in terms of any special occasion that you will be will be having and with Flowers Galway, that xcan be a part of your celebration in life. Flowers are basically used as a form of expression and it also adds a unique ambiance that makes every individual feel that he or she is indeed special. It has a sense of comfort because it makes you appreciate more about your surroundings. That is why flowers became very significant especially if the person sees the kind of floral design and arrangement. Here are the following types of floral arrangements and how it is designed.


Circular form- this is known to be the easiest form of arranging flowers. Most of the flowers are easily formed if this shape is used and this also gives a soothing gives a presentation that is soothing to view. This is a common use to executive and conference meetings.

Triangular form- flowers are arranged in a specific shaped and form with its appropriate height as well. You can use this kind of arrangement for any informal gatherings.

Ikebana form- this is a kind of form that is basically derived from a Japanese arrangement. This has been formed for over 100years. This uses a symbolic type of flowers which is very significant to the people who are going to have an event.

Fan form- this is designed in a horizontal form of flower arrangement and it doesn’t require any height too. The arrangement consists of a big flower and it is placed on a shallow container.